Analysis and initial

study of your web

We will conduct an initial survey of your web identifying the core business lines and geographic selling areas.

Definitions of key search terms for each business area of your company.


Study of the behavior of users on Google.


Study of the behavior of users on Google limonada estudioProper management of your online advertising campaigns, lets increase traffic useful visits to your website and select the profile of visitors who matter most to your business.

Our digital marketing specialists, will perform an initial survey of its website, identifying key areas of business. Analyze the key search terms for each business area of your company, taking into account also the actions of their competitors.


The three basic points for a campaign are:

  • Study of the key terms

Analysis of all monthly searches related to your business.

  • Business Analysis

Identify the different business areas for traffic that meets our interests.

  • Study of competition

Study of the behavior of competition and its impact on your business. Identification of opportunities.


google adwords advertising campaigns online marketing services limonada estudioWhy Google Adwords?



With Google Adwords you can get results instantly . If you create a campaign, today may be advertised, taking advantage of all the benefits of the most used browser worldwide.


Google is the leading search engine.

All users of Google are looking for products or services via keywords. Your ads will appear only to users to type in relevant keywords in your sector and find a business like yours . Therefore, advertising on Google Adwords is the most efficient of all because it addresses the real consumer and the time when the consumer has the need for a company like yours.


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