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Professional Web Consulting

All company, project or product should receive a professional web consulting.

Any decision influences the success or profitability of a project. It is important to have a presence on the Internet but how is made is what distinguishes success from failure.

From choosing the domain, the content of the website and the web technology used are factors of great importance to achieve the goals set in a short, medium and long term.

In Limonada Studio we offer professional advice on many web services:


  • Corporate Counseling Websites
  • Services Counseling Websites
  • E-Commerce Counseling Websites(Online Stores)
  • Dynamic platforms Counseling

Internet is the largest window to the world that you may have. No schedules, no geographical barriers and a potential advertising market bigger than any other.

Let us guide you. We cover all the elements for the success of your website:


  • Adaptation of the website to visitors
  • Optimization of the website to increase efficiency and decrease load times <
  • Application of the latest technology and Internet standards
  • Creation of the website structure and content

2.0 Web Design


Web design is an activity that involves planning, design and implementation of websites. It is not simply an application of conventional design because it requires taking care of issues such as navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture and interaction with media such as audio, text, image and video.

The union of a good design with an elaborate content hierarchy increases the efficiency of the web as a channel of communication and data exchange, and provides opportunities such as direct contact between producer and consumer.

A proper web design involves knowing how you should use each of the allowed elements in the HTML or other programming languages, ie make proper use of this language within the standards set by the W3C and in relation to the semantic web.

La Web 2.0


2.0 Websites


A 2.0 website allows users to interact with others users or to exchange content, as opposed to non-interactive websites where users are limited to the passive viewing of information provided to them.

To share content in the 2.0 website there are a variety number of tools, among which can be highlighted using: Blogs, Wikis, Videos, Photos, educational platforms …

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