Do you need a design for the packaging of your product?


What is the packaging? Is about the science, art and technology of inclusion or products protection for distribution, storage, sale, and use. As a creative and advertising designers, we must bear in mind that the packaging aims primarily to attract the attention of customers and also can be the main window of communication to the consumerA product presentation is crucial. Can be the difference between success and failure. For much publicity is made or high quality of the product, the consumer decides what to buy when is in front of the product, and then all they see is the label, box or container that presents it.


A good packaging is perhaps the element that makes the product brand image more memorable through time. Aspects such as functionality, its possible re-use, attractive design and send a clear and direct message, are the key for the container to become a valuable addition to the final product.


The most innovative brands have maintained a prominent presence in any medium where you can perceive their image. The packaging is a direct and essential transmission vehicle for the corporate image of a business.

It is time to establish direct communication with the consumer, to send a message to help him decide on the crucial moment.


The packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation and production of packages. The packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs and sells.



To design the product packaging must be borne in mind for what the packaging is designed. Client recommendations should be followed carefully and assess certain aspects when designing a good packaging.

It must comply with the international trade rules and also inform about the characteristics of the product, it must comply with the legal requirements for labeling, instructions of use, languages, and include the necessary warnings for product storage and handling.


  • Commercial company aspects: target public, distribution channels, background in marketing similar products, etc.
  • Distribution related aspects: storage type, warehouse management, destination points, transportation used, etc.
  • Company image.
  • Legal aspects.

The packaging design has a dual role: graphic design and structural design. In Limonada Estudio we create all the needed product graphics designs and adapt them to customer needs, either through a product design already chosen by the company or looking for a product package that suits customer needs.

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Graphic design comprises:


  • Identity design. Brand, company logo and other distinctive features such as the corporate color, the graphic style used by the company, etc.
  • Emotional design. The colors and shapes also have the functionality to attract the customer’s attention so is needed to develop it according to a marketing criteria.
  • Design information to include. The packaging reflects lots of information about its contents, ingredients, origin, use, instructions, etc.
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