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In Limonada Estudio we help you take advantage of your customer lists, they certainly are the largest and most important asset of your company.

We offer the following services E-mail Marketing:

  • Creating a list from your contacts and a list of customers
  • The configuration of an automatic data collection systems on the website
  • The design, delivery and management of automated emails

Benefits of doing e-mail marketing

List Building: You give us your contacts in the formats that you have: contacts in Outlook, customer lists in Excel or any database or even business cards. We studied the lists and prepare them to improve your communication. Collect contact information of your company. Categorized the lists and we will apply some strategies to attract new members to your listings.


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Installation and Configuration


For the e-mail marketing to be effective you must have appropriate tools so that visitors of your website can sign up to your list or if they wish to unsubscribe. Our system automatically manages those listings giving monthly statistics on these data.

  • We add to your web page how to register in the listings.
  • We organize the lists in the system.
  • Configuration of emails to send.
  • Creation of greeting, invitation and recommendation messages.
  • Configure the images you want to use into the e-mail marketing campaigns.

Management and e-mail marketing delivery


In Limonada Estudio we work closely with the client and suggest the amount and frequency of statements that needs to be done. Details are agreed and we do the rest.

  • Submissions of your company communications
  • Lists Management
  • Monitoring of effectiveness, messages received, read, open links…
  • Communications Design
  • E-mails Proofreading

We have a service depending on the messages and shipments required to do, contact us today.

E-mail Marketing Design


Email marketing design for mass mailings, newsletters and business communications.

  • Email marketing design
  • Emails design oriented to outcome.
  • Email marketing design prepared for media.
  • We set the pattern to its delivery system.
  • Design of animated email.

Polling services via email


With our email marketing services you can know what your customers and contacts think about your institution or products, know the results quickly and efficiently.

  • Quick Polls
  • Short-term responses
  • Shortly implementation cost
  • Little room for mistakes
  • Avoid conditions of interviewers
  • Detailed Effectiveness Report
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