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marketing-digital-services-limonada-studioWhat is Digital Marketing?


Its about the implementation of marketing strategies of a company into the field of internet-based digital media. The publications that were once used in the offline environment, are imitated and transported to these new digital media, thus achieving the possibility of renewal in the application of expired theories and techniques. The digital world adds speed, both to transmission and reception of data, thanks to new networks and possibilities for measuring results instantly with specific analytic software.





For now two models of web sites are known, although the sites of the future are already being determined. The first is based on 1.0 websites, thatdoes not differ from the use of traditional media. Its greatest feature is the impossibility of users communication and exposure. Only the company has control over what is published about itself. It would be like an “online catalog”.

With the new 2.0 web sites borns possibility to easily share information through social networks and new information technologies, permitting almost instantaneous exchange of content that were previously impossible, such as videos, photos, etc.In this new environment digital marketing is developed, sinceusers can freely speak about the brand. Users now have a major powerthat previously was only allowed to media: the opinion.

Marketing techniques must then change its paradigm. If before distributors, mediaand producers were those with power, now the focus must change into the user. They are now able to find what they want through the power of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…), not just ask to media and professional journalists if their decision is right, they also has the ability to read and post reviews, comments and ratings of other users around the world.

That is why a digital strategy should include all relevant aspects to target what is intended, seeking to influence the user, improve the performance of search engines, and analyze the information the media provides to optimize the performance of the actions taken.

Present day, An investment in digital marketing and online advertising should be efficient, because of that Internet is seen as a basic tool for a successful marketing plan, since it involves a considerable number of users grows every day and affordable advertising campaigns




  • Online Advertising – Generate revenues with third party advertisements on your website and domains or list your business on Google Adwords and Social Networks.
  • SWOT analysis –  is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in a business venture
  • E-mail Marketing –  We help you take advantage of the customer lists, they certainly are the largest and most important asset of your company.
  • Social Network Marketing – Creation and maintenance of corporate pages and profiles on the major social networks and online communities.
  • Link exchange – We analyze blogs and market portals where you can make link exchanges to promote internet presence.
  • Blog marketing – Creating and management of corporate blogs.
  • Website Analysis – We analyze your website and advise you on how to take the best advantage of it.
  • We create games and apps to give visibility to your brand across all devices.
  • We also organize campaigns, all kind of promotions, product launches…


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