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Social media and social networks have become today the face, the voice and the ears of the companies on the internet. Having presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network is a good way to advertise your business and get more traffic to the website. Furthermore, these networks provide a great channel of direct communication with customers, so that should be understood as an extension of customer service department.

A common mistake

There is am increasing awareness of the importance of social networks in the online marketing strategy of the companies. But still many businesses continue to fall on a common mistake, neglect their profiles on social networks. By managing them themselves, when most of the time do not have time or by putting them in the hands of someone without sufficient preparation. Result: abandoned and mismanaged profiles which give a bad image of the company.

The figure that moves networks

The success or failure of a social media strategy depend on the work of the community manager. The community manager is the figure that is behind a social network. He is in charge of defining the Social Media strategy of the company, creating a community by actively seeking to fans, generate content and share links, follow conversations… In short everything that means managing an online community.

Your profiles on social networks are your letter of introduction to the public. If you really want to take advantage of your presence in social networks, do not hesitate and trust us.



  • Creation of professional business web pages

We create professional corporate pages within any social network, helping to publicize the company, products and/or services and to generate interesting user traffic towards the website.

  • Management and analysis of contents

We will work the best tools to monitor the behavior of the followers of the social networks. Development of content of interest, web links, news, contests and promotions.

  • Social Networks Advertising

We will create the best ads and drive them to the different demographic groups relevant to your business and corporate sector.

  • Mantenimiento

Based on the results we will obtain, we will optimize the content strategy and advertising investments.

In this way we get your social networks always current and closely linked with the interests of your prospects.


1. Increase your business presence on the Internet.

Increasing the number of followers on your social networks, will expand the name of your company, making your business increasingly visible to your potential customers.

2. Sales increases.

Some social networks like Facebook manage to increase direct sales through e-commerce applications. Also, be present in a platform market of over 1,200 million users will insurance cause quality traffic to your website and therefore sales increases.

3. Approaching directly to end customers.

Increasingly, the client needs a fluid communication with the company. In this way confidence grows and the possibility of loyalty greatly increases.

4. Improve branding and corporate image.

The larger and the greater is the database and the number of potential customers who follow you on social networks, more capacity will improve your business sales.

5. Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good presence on social networks, with thousands of followers, attractive aesthetics, content of interest and a common denominator with the web, will surely propitiate your business ahead of the competition.

6. Sales have increased capacity.

Google rewards growing popularity of companies in social networks. The more fans and more often as referenced a company is better positions gets in Google searches.

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