If life gives you lemons...

Make Lemonade



In Limonada Estudio we create all sorts of advertising elements, both printed and interactive, so you can reach hundreds, thousands or millions of potential customers, whether in the urban environment or online.


The designer creates innovative concepts, while maintaining the brand aesthetics for products, services and content. Finding original communication solutions through the creative use of technology and undertakes successful businesses identifying opportunities that nobody else sees.

Advertising Graphic Design is to visually express with creativity, the communication strategy in order to achieve client’s goals with flexibility and efficiency. Is to combine design principles with the advertising strategy and digital technology in order to find new ways of transmitting a message, for this to be listened by potential customers and trying to gain their loyalty through the corporate image into an advertising form.

It is very important to maintain your company image in each of the works done, so user can identify your product through advertising with a single glance and discriminate competition, without confusion, thereby making a more simple and direct purchase decision. In advertising there are many aspects to consider, such as a direct message, an attractive image and represent what we really want to, an emotional colored message that reaches the consumer, pictures, concepts and phrases to reach the target audience.

You can reach the consumer advertising your business on the Internet, creating a good and active image on social networks, through billboards, flyers, shirts, hats, etc… And of course, from thyour website. In Limonada Estudio, we create all kind of advertising and marketing material for your company, with a unique, fresh, powerful and creative style, taking into account your needs, respecting the brand and launching a message with a solid base concept.

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