The 6 most common mistakes companies make on social networks

errores de lsa empresas en las redes sociales


Social networks are not just for personal use. Companies, for quite some time, have begun to use them to provide closer attention to its customers and to generate greater visibility.

But we must keep in mind that the use of social networks for businesses should not be the same as for personal use. Here you have a list of the top 6 mistakes entrepreneurs make when getting into digital world.


Using informal language

It is true that informal language generates closeness, but be careful not to pass allowable limits.


Spelling errors

Is needed to revise several times before publishing. Not only must convey seriousness, but also care for what you do.


Messages not aligned to objectives

Each publication must have a clearly identified goal, this requires planning publications weekly, monthly and yearly. You must build a clear, compelling message that is addressed to your target audience.


Ignoring followers

Having a presence on social networks implies among other things, to have a record in publishing. The followers are with your brand because they want to hear from you if you do not maintain a publication rate this can generate a feeling of abandonment. But it is also very important not to abuse of publications.


Not adapt to social networks

Each network is used in a different way. So the content that is published must be adapted to each platform to avoid errors in communication that is intended to give.


Excess of mechanization

Automate responses is not always a good option. If a client seeks an answer, wants to feel that a person is who writes back and not a machine. It is important that fans feel unique and important for the company, and not as part of a mass.

If these errors are avoided, surely the performance of your company on social networks will be improved. The planning and review are the keys to avoid making these mistakes.


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