Web Design responsive or not responsive?


responsive_web_designThe responsive web design currently has a many followers but there are those who do not want this type of web design.


The web design known as responsive, is a technique that prioritizes the proper display of the same website on different devices. Ie design adapts to the device, whether is a smartphone, tablet or computer.


The aim of the responsive web design (RWD) is to provide the same content to the website users with a sensitive design of the screen size used by the user.


Considering that in 201330% of e-commerce website traffic was performed by smartphones and tablets users (according ShopVisible), The responsive web design is at least one technique that you should consider for your website.

But, What are its advantages?


    1. The most obvious one: increases the visibility of your website, to make it accessible for tablets and smatphones users.


    1. Cost savings in website managing, to be only one website and not a subdomain for a Mobile Version (m.mysite.com).


    1. Improve user browsing experience, something basic if it is an e-commerce website and do not want to lose users already familiarized with your website.


    1. Improve your website SEO; because Google loves ‘responsive’ websites.


  1. Improvement in analytic your website to have all the results under a single URL and not under sub-domains or redirections.

Without a doubt, everything is improvements with responsive design and that is why all our websites are responsive and adapt to all mobile devices.


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