“When Dominican coffee is art“

Color Café is not simply coffee, it is also a support for local artists, highlighting its 100% Dominican origin, collected by hand in the coffee plantations of Barahona, Dominican Republic.

The fruit of the coffee plantations is picked and selected manually, then it is roasted and ground to give the final touch to its flavor.

Color Café expresses diversity, authenticity, Dominican art and flavor through the unique flavor of coffee.


The clients were clear that the image of the brand should be represented by a woman and that their coffee must be intimately linked with local art. Already from the first sketches the similarity with the final art is appreciated, but much work was done on the details until achieving the desired result by the clients, who at all times participated in the direction and execution of the project.

The texture was a mixed technique painting made by hand and once digitized, it would be played with the different colors on it. It is a differentiating element that accompanies and enriches the brand.



The packaging reflects the Dominican spirit through the face of a Dominican woman, who plays a fundamental role in the agricultural fields and is always reflected in the art of the island, with her lips in the shape of a coffee bean and a filled handkerchief texture that represents the mix of cultures.
There is a continuity in the bags, completing the faces, which highlights the diversity and the human chain behind coffee production.
On the other hand, the bottom of the bag is used as another graphic element of the packaging and the appearance is clean and minimalist, aesthetically distinguishing itself in the local market with a European air that represents the LBVG brand, since the owners are of origin French, although with Dominican descent. At all times it stands out that it is a 100% Dominican product and the pride of belonging to the island. The type of coffee and weight are selected by hand during the coffee bagging process.

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📸: @igselmatos
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