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Consulting and Digital Strategy Implementation


We create a plan tailored for your brand or company with specific activities that will help activate or improve your presence on the Internet. These activities are defined à la carte, according to the objectives set and the number of working hours agreed with you.

Web consulting is essential to have a greater presence and online positioning. In it, the entire structure of the website is studied: clients it is aimed at, design, functionality and positioning in Google that will allow us to create a strategy to grow in the digital field.

We offer an orientation, based on weaknesses and strengths, to increase business volume and grow on the internet. It also studies whether a renewal of the corporate identity to accompany web design, since the brand works as a whole.

Servicios de consultoría que ofrecemos:

  • Assistance requirements for your web project.
  • Branding and image creation for a project.
  • Coordination and information gathering.
  • Integration and coordination of your company departments to the web project.
  • Website Optimization, Usability for websites.
  • Layout and design for your website.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization).
  • Content creation and edition.
  • Multilingual website development.
  • Language Translations.
  • Registration of your business domain in Internet and specialized directories.
  • Registration on main search engines.
  • Web projects planning and creation.
  • Competitive analysis of similar websites.
  • Online Advertising.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Website Redesign.
  • Web Project Management.
  • Configuring web statistics system and Google Analytics.
  • Website resources coordination.
  • Technology consulting needed to create Web projects.
  • Web projects viability
  • Domain selection and management

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