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The website of a brand or company is today the representation of itself. Today it is essential to have presence on the Internet to exist and a website is the best sign to know what a company does and how it does it. It is then very important to have a professional website, focused on your client needs, interactive (users can actively participate), responsive (adapted to the different electronic devices) and active (update new content often).

In Limonada Estudio we are specialized in web design based in the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress now allows generating sites of all levels and styles, including online stores, thanks to the thousands of plugins that exist. This is one of the reasons for the low cost of our website development based on this technology for web design. WordPress Web design is optimized to publish and change content in an way. With a very good indexation in major searchers, «covers between 80 and 90% of all the factors involved in the results of search engines» (Matt Cutts). Interacts with end users by integrating RSS to social networks such as FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedInTwiter or Pinterest, among others. WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use.

Wordpress is very flexible and works through themes, plugins and widgets. Is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. Choosing a good theme and with plugins that adapt to our needs to carry out the functionalities that the project requires from the beginning is very important and will make everything much more fluid in web development, thus bringing forward the date of completion and delivery.

WordPress is recognized in the world of web design as the better Open Source system CMS in 2009, Hall of Fame in CMS category in 2010 and Open Source Web App of the Year Award at The Critters in 2011.

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Why choose WordPress?

  1. Is flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs – WordPress is used to run complex sites for large multinational corporations, manage small businesses, and create personal blogs. WordPress sites can contain full-service eCommerce stores, showcase a portfolio, or host a social network, group, or podcast. Whatever a company’s requirements, the core WordPress package plus a variety of basic and premium plugins that are suitable for your site. Thanks to its many themes and easy access to its source files, WordPress is also endlessly adaptable to a company’s changing needs.
  2. User-friendly – A WordPress website is very intuitive. It has a desktop that allows easy access to the different components and web content and with some basic notions, anyone can keep the web alive by creating pages and blog posts.
  3. Themes Offer Multiple Options – There are countless themes available on the market that put at our disposal the template that best suits our project by design and functionality. Once the template is selected, it will have to be configured and the design and functionalities will have to be retouched to achieve the desired results on the web.
  4. Plugins Extend Functionality – WordPress includes all the elements needed to create a basic site, but many users want more specialized functions related to a site’s specific needs.
  5. WordPress Sites Rank High – Searchability is key to ranking high on Google and other search engines. WordPress sites tend to rank high for their keywords, largely because they’re constantly being updated and because WordPress includes a variety of tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO (search engine optimization).

6. WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive – Mobile responsiveness is also a factor in Google rankings, so websites need to look good on any device. All our websites are responsive and fit all mobile devices.

7. WordPress Sites have a Blog – It is important to have a blog where you can create articles – posts and keep the web alive in addition to improving your positioning in Google – SEO. With WordPress you don’t have to blog in another domain, it is included on the web and it is an easy way to create new content.

8. The WordPress Community Offers Support – Because WordPress is free and open source, it’s supported by WordPress-loving communities around the world. This community of WordPress lovers is responsible for making changes to the source files and keeping WordPress updated and secure.

Something that you should keep in mind if you decide to make a website in wordpress is that you will need to make backups, because WordPress has the particularity of working with themes and plugins that can sometimes fail to install with each other in their different versions .
On the other hand, for security and functional reasons, it is recommended to update the website and all its components from time to time. That is why we offer web maintenance services, which ensure a safe and up-to-date website, with a solution if any unexpected problem arises.

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Our Webs


We work on pre-designed templates and we fully customize them to your needs, once chosen the one that best fits to your company and project. Using WordPress, you will not have to depend on any programmer or web design studio once you want to upload new content to your website. With some brief guidelines, you will be able to access without any problems to your CMS website.

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Some web features

You choose the functionality of your website. From a basic website in one language to a website with an online store in several languages.

Multilanguage Web:

As languages are added to a website, the content is multiplied by the number of languages that are used. This means that, despite the fact that you have to work much more on the web and invest in translation, the number of users who will have access to our content also multiplies and online positioning will benefit greatly.

Ecoommerce Web / Online Store:

It is a virtual store, where the customer can make their purchase in a simple and direct way from the website itself.

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