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WEB maintenance


For your website to be successful, it is not enough to have a good design, indexing, etc., also requires constant maintenance, update information, offers of products, prices, news, images… depending on the activity of your business. If you are an Internet user, you may have noticed this on more than one occasion. A website frequently updated with new content, provides the possibility that users visit it more often.

Another element to take into account is SECURITY and for this it is essential to have backup copies of the web and keep the themes, plugins and WordPress version updated.

We offer a full maintenance of web portals. We analyze aspects of navigation, usability, design, content, website structure & development and new communication needs.

We keep your website up to date.


Limonada Estudio will be responsible for your website so you can concentrate on your business.

We have several plans to fit your needs starting from 150 USD per month. Having your website outdated is over, protect your investment for an economic return on your web page.

Your website should be an updated tool that generates benefits, in Limonada Estudio we will make it.

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